Where talent and innovation connect for success

We are a full service design and development company that builds innovative digital entertainment and e-commerce products.

Our online brands are the best in the business. As a global team of tech professionals we deliver high-quality application and web experiences for our worldwide network of players.

Are you a talented tech professional looking to advance your career as part of a professional, friendly and dynamic team?

Who we are

We are a truly international team of talented and creative tech professionals, with teams working from Argentina alongside a growing network of colleagues around the world.

We strive to be the best, developing our products to an agile methodology that delivers high quality software solutions with a focus on outstanding player experiences.

We are dynamic, pragmatic and innovative. We know that recruiting and supporting great people is the best way to foster a brilliant team and deliver the highest quality products.







What we do

Software Development

We use the best tools to deliver a high-quality, custom, end-to-end development and maintenance service for all of the innovative products that make up our platform.


Our talented team focuses on quality over quantity in order to craft and deliver an excellent user experience across all of our online brands.

Product Management

We strive to fully understand our customers and deliver exceptional user experiences that can be continuously refined in response to their changing needs and demands.


All of our decisions are made with reference to robust and meaningful data so that we continue to deliver the best experience for our players.

Our values

Our values guide how we work and the work we do.


We practice a developer-first approach to building software in order to provide the highest quality and value to our customers across all of our brands.

We know that teams perform their best when they have the right tools in the right work environment.

We pay close attention to detail in all of our work and take responsibility for errors. Continuous improvement drives better quality across all of our products.


We take pride in being experts in our field, with the in-depth knowledge of our core technologies needed to quickly deliver the best possible work.

We focus our efforts on delivering good value through better skills, knowledge and technical mastery of what we do.

We invest in our people to ensure that we are always at the top of our game.


Efficient communication in all of our relationships enables us to quickly and effectively deliver our goals.

We are transparent in all we do - it enables people to do their job and builds the vital trust needed for success.

We don't hide bad news and we will always work to use our mistakes as opportunities to learn.

Why join us

We are a talented team

We hire smart, resilient people and empower them to drive their work forwards independently. We invest in everyone’s ongoing development and give them the best tools to do their job to the highest standards.

We are a friendly team

We know that collaboration is key - you will always have great people to work with on your projects. We want people to be able to focus on their priorities outside of work too and our teams work flexibly so that everyone can get the balance right.

We are a diverse team

We are a multicultural team spread across at least a dozen countries. We focus on what people can bring to the team and are proud of who we are. Whoever you are and wherever you are from, we are interested in you.

We are a high-performing team

We are transparent, collaborative and agile. With the right people, the right tools and our great work culture we develop some of the best products in our field.


Are you a talented, creative and collaborative person looking for new opportunities? Do you want to grow with one of the best teams in the business?